Thursday, June 20, 2019

Episode 3 - Bodhi and PCLinuxOS

Moss Welcome to Distrohopper’s Digest, Episode 3, recorded on June 19, 2019. For this show, we decided to review PCLinuxOS and Bodhi 5.0.0. We’d like to hear from you what you’d like to see us take on -- be it Debian, Red Hat, Arch, Suse, Mandriva, Slackware or Gentoo based distros.  

Distrohoppers Digest Episode 3 .mp3 

Distrohoppers Digest Episode 3 .ogg

On to this month’s first distro, PCLinuxOS.



<Tony> My installation of PCLinuxOS was done on a Lenovo X230i with a i3 CPU and 8Gb Ram although I did test a dual boot with Windows 10 on one of my Dell E6220’s to test its ability to allow dual booting fairly easy.