About Moss

I'm a multifaceted - but dreadfully impoverished - person, involved in various obscure bits of music, computers, driving for [X Auto Parts Company], and have ordinations in multiple spiritual organizations, none of which you have likely heard of, including being Chief Bard of Triad Bardic College. I became one of the new co-hosts of mintCast podcast back in October 2018.

I have worked as Senior Editor of a tiny publishing company with editors worldwide, and have worked in offices across the country as a secretary. Because of this, I have a much lesser opinion of LibreOffice than most, and prefer SoftMaker Office (unpaid promotion, and feel free to get the free fersion, FreeOffice).

I have trained hundreds of people (for free) on various bits of computer software over the decades, and have used various distros of Linux since 2002, going all-out in 2011 only to have Ubuntu’s switch to Unity in 2012 not work on my machine (back to Windoze7). I then made the change to Linux Mint permanently in 2016 upon witnessing many huge security concerns in Win10. 

I am constantly preaching Linux to friends and installing it on their computers, and am convinced that 2019 is the Year of the Linux Desktop (or 2020, or maybe 2021).
I'm a singer-songwriter and performer, and my music can be found on a few YouTube channels (I’m not the young, black, gospel singer from South Africa of the same name; until he showed up I was the only Moss Bliss on the Internet). 

You can support me by buying my music at http://mordewis.bandcamp.com or buying a physical CD at http://Kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=149457 . You can read my writings, poems and lyrics at Peaceful Hippo. I can be found on YouTube channels attributed to PrinceShoko1, my wife Suzanne Bliss, or my own channel, zaivala. I am working on donation stuff, but if you would like to support me, see the Sponsus page on this website.

You can contact me via distrohoppersdigest@gmail.com or zaivalananda@protonmail.ch. I have a presence in various corners of the Internet, including Discord, Telegram, Mastodon, and MeWe (I'm completely off Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites).

Huge hippo hugs,

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