Monday, October 31, 2022

Distrohoppers' Digest Episode 37

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Hosts: Moss Bliss, Dale Miracle, Joshua Hawk

Monthly Foibles 

Updates: Ubuntu 22.10, Debian, Solus, Redcore, Xero, StormD OS, Gecko

Beautiful Failures: Linux Mint

Reviews:  Pardus 21.3, KDE neon User Edition, TrueNAS SCALE

New Releases 




MONTHLY FOIBLES ...wherein we discuss what we did this month…

Moss: I spent a lot of time trying different distros to see what I could review this month. I got some good ideas which should wait until next month. I’ve had 2 days of subbing in the past month. And we’re planning our trip to Chambanacon after Thanksgiving.  I have also had some interesting travails concerning Firefox on Mint 21, but I’ll talk about those a bit later in the show. ......more