Saturday, August 20, 2022

Distrohoppers' Digest Episode 35

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Hosts: Moss Bliss, Tony Hughes, Dale Miracle

Monthly Foibles 

Updates: Mint, Debian, Ubuntu Budgie 22.04.1, GhostBSD

Beautiful Failures: Mint 21 upgrade (Tony)

Reviews: Spiral Linux and Makulu Shift

New Releases 




Errata: at 36:15, Moss said Makulu was based on 22.04 Ubuntu; it is 20.04.



MONTHLY FOIBLES ...wherein we discuss what we did this month…

Moss: I had a short bout with covid-19 but seem to be over it. I am still having some stomach trouble, but I think that’s related more to problems with blood pressure meds, although I could be wrong about that. 

I got two new UPSes and a new keyboard. The UPS story is too long to go into here. The old keyboard, a Fellowes Microban which has served me for years, has a sticking key. I would have to take it completely apart to fix it and I didn’t want to be without a keyboard. FYI, my new Perixx Periboard looks exactly like the Fellowes Microban Natural keyboard, but it just isn’t. ....More