Friday, April 28, 2023

Distrohoppers Digest Episode 42

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Distrohoppers' Digest Episode


Hosts: Moss Bliss, Dale Miracle Eric Adams

Monthly Foibles

Updates: BigLinux, OpenMandriva ROME, Slackel, Solus, FreeBSD

Void, Debian, Void, Voyager, Ubuntu Budgie, Xubuntu,

PCLOS, XeroLinux, KaOS, BlendOS

Beautiful Failures: VanillaOS

Reviews: Elementary OS 7, Zinc 22.04.2, Fedora 37

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Welcome to Distrohopper’s Digest, Episode 042, recorded on the 25th of April, 2023. For this episode, I will be reviewing Elementary OS 7, Dale has Zinc 22.04.2 and Eric will review Fedora 37. We have a new team member, Eric Adams. Say hello, Eric, and tell us a bit about yourself.

Eric: [I’ll talk a little bit about my work history and history with using Linux, both server for work projects and desktop for mostly home use. I discussed this with Moss already. I’ll also briefly mention my experience on other podcasts and my YouTube channel.]

MONTHLY FOIBLES ...wherein we discuss what we did this month…

Moss: I’ve had lots of fun with hardware lately. I got a keyboard cleaning brush and restored my Fellowes Microban keyboard. I have found my M700 Tiny i3 machine used for my TV streaming has a loose interior connection on the DisplayPort, and ordered a new i5 M700 Tiny as a temporary fix. I’m sending the old i3 machine to Joe of mintCast for repair, as neither my eyesight nor my hands are up to soldering. The support was laughably not professional, but they did replace my box and I’m using the new one now. There is a minor short in the headphone jack, but nothing important.....More