Thursday, December 5, 2019

Episode 8 - Zorin OS and Ubuntu 19.10 Gnome

...wherein we discuss what did and didn’t work for us this month…

Moss - I once again tried to do my monthly review on Manjaro. I’d gladly do Endeavour OS but Tony has already done that, so I wanted to hear from the other side of the Arch-can-be-easy camp. Once again, I had the issue of upgrades downloading and then the system freezes, and when I rebooted (maybe a re-login would suffice) and started the updates again, it found the downloaded files and installed them. It also does this for any files I choose to install from the software center or AUR. So, no Manjaro this month. A few users in our Telegram group tried to replicate this issue and failed, although I’m pretty sure they were only using a VM, so I will try again for Episode 009 with a new.......More