Friday, April 2, 2021

Distrohoppers’ Digest Episode 021 - Debian (Sid) Unstable, Mageia 8 (Plasma and XFCE)

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Distrohoppers' Digest Episode 021 


Hosts: Tony Hughes, Moss Bliss, Dale Miracle 

Monthly Foibles 

Updates: mentions of Feren OS, KDE neon, GhostBSD

Beautiful Failures: Endeavour OS, Nitrux, Emmabuntus

Reviews: Debian (Sid) Unstable, Mageia 8 (Plasma and XFCE)

New Releases 







...wherein we discuss what we did this month…


Moss - I’ve been pretty busy this month, installing lots of distros, to the point where I had to save one for next month’s show. I’ve also been trying to figure out more creative uses for the Yubikey I was given by listener Firecat. I put my stimulus money to use, buying two 128 Gb USB 3.2 sticks from Silicon Power and made one into a Super Ventoy Stick, featuring the most current version of just about every distro I’ve ever used....More