Thursday, February 8, 2024

Show Anouncement:- New Website

Since Distrohoppers' Digest started at the end of April 2019 the shows website has been running on Google Blogger. The team have made the decision for a number of reasons to move to a dedicated website to host the show notes and archive of past episodes.

The new website can be found at:

The RSS Feed has been changed to our new audio host RedCircle and can be used to access the Mp3 in your pod-catcher.

Audio content is also available on, a link for this is available on the new website.

This Blog will now remain dormant and all new content as of Episode 49 is available on the new site. This Blog will remain as an archive for as Long as Google allow that, and links to the audio should remain active as they link to the audio stored by our friends at

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