Sunday, September 20, 2020

Episode 16 - Linux Mint 20, SparkyLinux, Solus Plasma, Ubuntu Unity and Gecko Linux




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...wherein we discuss what did and didn’t work for us this month…


Moss - I completely restructured both my machines, with a 1 Tb SSD in the desktop and a 512 Gb SSD in the laptop, only to have my desktop short its power supply. Replacement and repair is in the works. I’ve also managed to bring my Raspberry Pi 4 online running Ubuntu MATE 20.04, and thought I had everything working fine but then the VPN wouldn’t load correctly. So now I have a new VPN. And then I accidentally blew out the power supply on my desktop......MORE


  1. Hey Moss,
    Heard on one of your podcasts about another 'GRUB hijack' that you experienced.
    On BIOS systems installing 'non-master' GRUBs to the *partition* boot record usually does the trick.
    However I've converted my newer desktop and laptop to use UEFI and have found that GRUB updates change the boot order (efibootmgr) so it takes control over ReFind. Grrrrr. Grrrrr. More stuff to research.
    Another major annoyance is that I haven't figured out to UNinstall Grub completely from Ubuntu 20.04; it just wants to replace grub-efi with something grub-else. More grrrr.
    TIA, Mike

  2. UPDATE - found that GRUB removal cannot be done in one step! First I had to remove the grub-efi* packages, then grub2-common, then the rest. Don't forget to remove the grub* files from EFI/ubuntu and possibly elsewhere.
    Of course, install refind (now in the Ubuntu 20.04 repo) before rebooting.

    1. UPDATE2 (senior brain cramp) - LASTLY, use *efibootmgr* (cmdline) to verify that refind is the First boot manager to get control.

    2. UPDATE3 - had another 'almost' hijack. A new kernel showed up for installation and brought along a bunch of GRUB packages that had been UNinstalled previously. WTH?? Interestingly, none of the grub-efi-* packages were installed and the efibootmgr order was not changed. rEFInd is still in charge!