Sunday, March 26, 2023

Distrohoppers Digest Episode 41

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Hosts: Moss Bliss, Dale Miracle

Monthly Foibles 

Updates: Ubuntu 22.04.2, Bodhi 7 alpha5, Mint, Trisquel, 

Garuda, Bluestar, openSUSE, Redcore, Xero, 

StormOS, Debian, Solus

Beautiful Failures: BlendOS

Reviews: Endless OS 5.0, PCLinuxOS

New Releases 






...wherein we discuss what we did this month…

Moss: As mentioned last month, my wife and I got new Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) phones. It was interesting getting them set up, as our Pixel 3a XL phones were running CalyxOS and not in the Google ecosystem, so we could not simply move our files. We did, however, manage to get them working with all our apps, photos, etc. saved and transferred. They were quite glitchy the first week or two, although they seem to have settled down a lot since. I am still using my Pixel for viewing and listening, as the sound quality is considerably better. ....More



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